Benefits of Brotherhood

The brotherhood of Delta Theta Sigma is composed of elite agriculture majors from all over the United States. The national Delta Theta Sigma network includes eight chapters through Ohio State University, Wisconsin University, University of Minnesota, Purdue University, Wilmington College of Ohio, and Penn State University. Brothers share common interests in agriculture and outdoor recreation. A majority of the members come from farm backgrounds or rural areas, which provides common bonds through experiences.
Our brothers have an unequaled camaraderie that will be the highlight of your time at Penn State. Regardless of when a brother graduated, there is always a bond of brotherhood between members, past and present. You can take comfort in knowing that wherever you end up in Pennsylvania or the rest of the United States, there is probably a DTS’er nearby.

The Brotherhood is composed of a variety of students in majors offered through the College of Agriculture, as well as other related majors. Being a brother of Delta Theta Sigma has several academic advantages. There is usually a brother who will be in your classes with you, who you can study with. If not, someone will probably have taken it in the past, and might still have their old exams and quizzes or other study tips. To top it off, our state-of-the-art computer room allows us to do all of our computer work in the house, avoiding crowded public labs.

Running the House requires all brothers to hold positions of responsibility. Being an officer helps one develop critical thinking and public speaking skills. The leadership skills developed as a brother in Delta Theta Sigma will look great on a resume, not to mention their value in your future career and life.

Delta Theta Sigma has over eleven hundred alumni, including numerous faculty members at Penn State. This means a lot of the faculty is willing to go the extra mile for our brothers since they are not only our teachers, but also our friends outside of the classroom.
Beta chapter alumni return to the house often, thus enabling them to remain in contact with the active brothers and continually support the activities of the house. These meetings develop into friendships and valuable business contacts. The alumni are a vital presence in our house and are actively involved in the house’s operation.

Delta Theta Sigma is recognized on Ag Hill and throughout campus as a Professional Agriculture Fraternity. The DTS family is known as being an elite group above the rest in leadership and initiative, yet relaxed and down-to-earth. In addition, being a part of a smaller group on such a big campus really helps make University Park feel more comfortable for new students. Through social events and activity in the College of Agriculture, our brothers and sisters become familiar faces on Ag Hill.

The brotherhood is involved in a variety of Ag Hill clubs and activities, including Block and Bridle, National-Agri Marketing Association, Ag Systems Management Club, Penn State Pullers, FFA, Poultry Science Club, and Horticulture Club. We sponsor Commonwealth Campus weekend for Agriculture students transferring to University Park. In addition, we are active in philanthropic activities, including our Adopt a Highway section along Route 26, canned-goods drive, Penny Wars, and THON. Brothers have participated in various IM sports including football, softball, badminton, and volleyball.

Our fraternity house is like your home away from home. As opposed to a dorm room or an apartment, our house actually feels like “home”. When you join Delta Theta Sigma, you become part of a family, where the brothers and little sisters really look out for each other. Our fraternity has its own cook who prepares lunch and dinner daily. This allows us all to sit down together at meal time and enjoy each other’s company instead of eating out or on-the-go.